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At the moment I think the eagerness of the students is not to go on the blog but to use their iPads however I think giving more ownership to the students would improve this so, as mentioned in an earlier blog, I’d like to see the students having their own blogs or their own websites. […]

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Draft Timetable


Week 6 Learning Intention: use a picture prompt to write a descriptive text. Tasks: Powerful Paragraphs using a picture prompt (5 images across the level). Students select what picture they will use for the task. 1)Challenge-option of choosing a picture with a set task or working independently. 2)Independent– picture prompt with matching written task already set. 3)Support- […]

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Powerful Paragraph (using an image for inspiration)


Week 6 Learning Intention: use a picture prompt to write a descriptive text. This is the image I’ve chosen. I thought it might be interesting to see if students are more inspired by a moving/animated picture.     Image care of photobucket

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1:World and the Frustrations of Technology


After a year of ‘playing’ with our iPads and now a complete term of the Level 4s having their own iPad there are still some reaccuring frustrations and of course lots of new learning and ideas for the future..   PASSWORDS I’ve already noticed how frustrating it is that I have multiple passwords, and not […]

PARTS 2013


What happens to student learning when they publish/share online?   PARTs Project – Professional research http://moodle.technion.ac.il/pluginfile.php/331631/mod_resource/content/0/Ulpan/teachingwithtechnology.final.pdf This had some great ideas for how to use technology as learning tools including using online polls so students can answer difficult question or give controversial opinions without having to put their hands up. I also thought it was […]

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