Miss Ash's Learning Journey

My personal reflections of teaching and learning today

Why I Teach


Teachers have the greatest opportunity to make a difference in this world by educating the leaders of tomorrow, the students of today. I hope to inspire in my students an enthusiasm for life-long learning and a genuine love of the world so that they are better able to understand their world and, above all, to influence it.

Throughout my life I have had so many opportunities that I am grateful for. This started with my parents exposing me to a range of people, places and experiences but even more importantly it was my exposure to learning that inspired me to continue to push myself beyond others, and often my own, expectations. My sister recently remarked that I live life ‘head first’ and because of that mentality and belief that anything is possible, I have travelled the world and seen so many amazing things and met so many amazing people. When I tell students, and even many adults,  about some of my experiences many of them see these as being out of their reach. I want to change that for the children I teach. I want them to know that they are in control of their future and it is only limited by themselves.

I strongly believe that we need to look after the world we live in and that if we learn to love the world and it’s people that we will be more passionate about doing so. For me, being told to do something doesn’t work. I care about rubbish going into the sea because of how I feel and what I see when I scuba dive, I feel strongly about global warming not because I ski but because of the way falling snow makes my soul sing. If my students can experience something similar (because they were inspired to believe they could) then hopefully they will want to look after the planet too.

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