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1:World and the Frustrations of Technology


After a year of ‘playing’ with our iPads and now a complete term of the Level 4s having their own iPad there are still some reaccuring frustrations and of course lots of new learning and ideas for the future..



I’ve already noticed how frustrating it is that I have multiple passwords, and not because of security reasons but because different websites and apps have different restrictions (case sensative, more than 8 digits, no punctuation etc). I find it challenging to manage these myself so why are we so surprised and frustrated that the students are struggling with theirs? The school that came to visit us had already started a spreadsheet to record all their students passwords to counter this – students then had to tell the teacher if they changed any of their passwords. This is one solution and a good backup but if we are working on developing student independece this isn’t good enough.

So… I can’t believe its taken me this long to see it these was ‘an app for that’! Of course there is, so tonight’s job is to find all my passwords and use ‘Password’ a free password managing app that allows you to lock your passwords away on your ipad with one 4-digit password. I love the fact that this password is then backed up by email (someone made this just for me I’m sure). If it turns out to be a good way of managing my passwords it will be fantastice for our students especially since it is free!

New Learning – only three passwords are free then you need to buy the app! However for $10 I’ve gone ahead because I need this app.



The open learning spaces are great but make it difficult for recording and having the students record explanations of their own work is so powerful that its been driving me nuts but it took me explaining this to visitors before I realised we could use iPhone microphones on the iPads. Tried it and it seems to work a lot better. Students don’t have to talk loud for their voices to be picked up and background noise is reduced. Just need to source them for a good price!

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