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Reflection Questions


The main focus of our PARTS project was to see if publishing online improved student learning. Did you achieve the intended purpose and how do you know? If not, why not? I don’t think that we have come up with a definitive answer for various reasons. As discussed throughout the PARTs project on my Blog […]



Spent time reviewing and commenting on students posts on the blog. The quality of the students comments continues to improve and even though their leraning intention this week were very broad (as we are finishing off a lot of projects and doing independent revision) most have been able to set their own specific learning goal […]

Learning Intentions and Success Criteria


This week we formally introduced success criteria to our community. Both Maria and I have quite naturally discussed the concepts of success criteria with our students when introducing what learning intentions are so this was actually very successful. In fact, I remember at our original ARM being upset about focusing on learning intentions and not […]

PARTs and Blogging


Week 8 Spent most of my time resonding to Chris and Rebecca’s comments on my previous posts. Blogging is a great opportunity to share opinions and the blogging my students have done recently supports this. Definitely finding having a class blog is more beneficial than a level one and yes I think individual ones would […]

PARTs and Blogging


Week 7 Spent PARTs time researching learning intention and success criteria so that when I introduced success criteria formally into the classroom. I will hopefully get time to blog about this research soon as it was quite useful! Read other teachers blogs (from around the world) looking for ways to use our class blog differently. […]

Our Class Blog


Having their own blog has indeed made our students more interested in reading and commenting on the blog. Unfortunately the are still not using it at home or sharing it with their parents and friends but we will keep encouraging them to do so and perhaps when they post their own blogs their sense of […]

Our Own Class Blog


This week we developed our own class blog and it has definitely been more successful than having a level blog in that the teacher has a lot more ownership over what goes on the blog but perhaps more importantly so do the students. So this time we got to chose a theme that suited our needs. […]



At the moment I think the eagerness of the students is not to go on the blog but to use their iPads however I think giving more ownership to the students would improve this so, as mentioned in an earlier blog, I’d like to see the students having their own blogs or their own websites. […]

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PARTs Update


We have reminded our students that they were asked to go and read another students story and leave a comment but very few have done this. We really don’t have any evidence that publishing online improves learning so we need to publish a piece of work again. This time we will do less focus on […]

Publishing Online


Today students are publishing their powerful paragraphs on the blog. The idea was to see if they chose to change their work at all once they found out that their work was being published online. Initially no students said they needed to change their work however we have asked them to comment on their own work if they […]

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