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Spent time reviewing and commenting on students posts on the blog.

The quality of the students comments continues to improve and even though their leraning intention this week were very broad (as we are finishing off a lot of projects and doing independent revision) most have been able to set their own specific learning goal based on their own refelctions on their learning. Even those who struggle with literacy in general are now commenting with more clarity and improved writing skills.

We may not have covered all our ERP learning intentions as well as we would have liked to, but the teaching we have done and the learning the children have done outside of the ERP project has been significant. It is more important to me that my students are now informed about politics and when they go to vote in 6 years time, they will be able to investigate the policies of a party, research politicians to decide whether they believe they can lead Australia well, understand that they have a vote and even just one vote is important than how laws being made relates to soccer!

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