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Week 8

Spent most of my time resonding to Chris and Rebecca’s comments on my previous posts.

Blogging is a great opportunity to share opinions and the blogging my students have done recently supports this.

Definitely finding having a class blog is more beneficial than a level one and yes I think individual ones would be even better BUT at the moment I think developing our class blog is proving beneficial as the students are learning different aspects of posting like adding photos and tags and categorising.  I’m also not willing to compromise my teaching at this point because I’m overwhelmed trying to help 25 students manage individual blogs. It’s something I will work towards.

Now that the students have had more exposure to blogging and we have set high standards for publishing I’m finding the work they post is of a much higher quality than what they do in their books. Thus it will be a great source of evidence for their literacy skills and we are already using the process of accepting posts as a teaching opportunity with individual students. Because of this there is not a lot of written feedback by the teachers on the blog because we have been doing in verbally with the students and it is proving very successful because they now want help to get their work ‘publishable’. I’m really glad we did set high standards for what would be approved from the start.

I hate that I do sometimes have editing mistakes in my own posts but unlike the students I don’t have the time or opportunity to get someone else to check it for me and I find that I don’t really even have time to type in word and then cut and paste into the blog like we suggest they do (since the blog doesn’t have editing tools). I would love someone to have to read and approve my posts before they go up rather than have someone point out mistakes after I’ve posted!

At the moment my focus for the students is to encourage them to think of different ways they would like to use the blog. We did some research on this and many wanted to see a section with biographies so we’ve been working on biographies of politically important people (linked to our Civics and Citizenship topic) which they are so engaged in (amazingly engaged in actually) and they can’t wait to research and work on these so that they can add them to the blog!


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