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Learning Intentions and Success Criteria


This week we formally introduced success criteria to our community. Both Maria and I have quite naturally discussed the concepts of success criteria with our students when introducing what learning intentions are so this was actually very successful. In fact, I remember at our original ARM being upset about focusing on learning intentions and not introducing success criteria which was why I was so surprised when Christine and Rebecca said the other day that telling us that we could have. Nevertheless the students have become so confident discussing what they intend to learn and we have had lots of discussion about how they will know when they have achieved their intention that adding the language of ‘I will know I’m successful when… I can…’ has been very fluid and successful.

Last year I changed from writing just 3C’s in reflection journals to setting learning goals at the start of teh week and this worked really well so we continued doing this again this year. This allowed us to have lots of discussion with the focus students about their personal learning intentions and not only how would they achieve it but also how would they know they were successful (success criteria)! This has also helped not only myself to set SMART (Small, measurable, achievable, realistic and time related) learning intentions but also the students. The majority can take a general learning intention like:

We are learning to… read and record time

And personalise them based on results from pre-tests, feedback from the teacher, feedback from other students and from their own self evaluation. For example, most could take the learning intention above and write it for their weekly learning intention as…

My learning intention is to learn to… read and record time on a digital clock

My learning intention is to learn to… read and record time on an analog clock

My learning intention is to learn to… read and record time on an analog clock on the ipad

My learning intention is to learn to …read and record time using a real analog clock

My learning intention is to learn to… read and record time in standard and 24 hour or military time

My learning intention is to learn to… read and record time using timetables

I have also noticed that when I put a learning intention up at the start of the lesson, even if I haven’t asked students to record the lesson’s learning intention in their workbooks, many still chose to write it down so that they can refer to it throughout the lesson. I am now encouraging them to take a photo on their iPads but some do like to manually write it out (I would to because the writing of it helps me remember it and keep it in my memory while I work).

I also liked the analogy of success criteria as a cake. For literacy the success criteria is usually about the ingredients. About what you include in that successful piece of work. In Maths however, the success criteria is focused on the method, of what you had to be able to do to be successful.

Going back a bit, this week I asked the students to blog their weekly learning intentions as well as one way they would know they had been successful. I thought their understanding of their learning was exceptional! You can see for yourself on our blog.


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