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Having their own blog has indeed made our students more interested in reading and commenting on the blog. Unfortunately the are still not using it at home or sharing it with their parents and friends but we will keep encouraging them to do so and perhaps when they post their own blogs their sense of ownership of this will help.

Nan mentioned meditation at briefing tonight and I’d research inking of modifying how we do the three c’s to perhaps incorporate what some Catholic high schools do with the ‘Minute of Gratitude’. Now I’m thinking this might bc’s something we could add to the blog using ‘moving art’.

The idea would be for students to watch a short artistic video or ‘Moving Art’ (instead of meditating with closed eyes which i personally don’t find useful) and reflect on what they are grateful for. I remember a friend talking about a strategy used by counselor’s to help people with depression where for 30 days they have to right at the end of the day three things thy are grateful or thankful for in order to build positive thinking skills. The students could post the things they are grateful for on the blog.

I’d love them to be doing this with their weekly learning intentions because I think that knowing that we will read their work in order to approve it would ensure that student do think about what they personally  need to be learning. Posting and commenting certainly allows teachers some convenience in being able to access students work in one place rather than having to cart 25 books around.

Using the blog for our Local to Global issues has allowed students who don’t share their ideas in our actual meetings an opportunity to share ideas without having to speak up in front of 25 people. I don’t believe it has significantly improved their ability to write their ideas and opinions, their posts reflect what i would expect if i had asked them to write it on a piece of paper, but it has encouraged them to share their ideas.

We also had the idea of invoting our parents to come to school one afternoon and spend time with us learning how to blog to encourage them to be more involved and we need to set a time aside for this, make sure we have some interesting posts up to read. It would be nice for the students to write a story or have use this as the expo of our ERPs.

So, our next steps are

to continue developing the blog with posts in different curriculum areas

to demonstrate how to make a post and perhaps encourage some students to start posting posts

to develop and decide on the best way  to share our ERPs via the blog

to invite patients to the school for a blogging session and an a expo of our ERPs


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“Our Class Blog”

  1. August 21st, 2013 at 1:18 pm      Reply Mrs Rebecca Gage Says:

    Hi Vicki,

    Reading through what you’ve written here I’m wondering if creating a blog post on an aspect of the ERP could be the literacy component?



    • September 4th, 2013 at 4:30 pm      Reply Miss Vicki Ash Says:

      Hi Rebecca,

      I thought the same myself which is why our Local to Global issue this week was on Freedom of Speech. The students used their iPads to research and brainstorm the meaning of democracy and what democratic principles are, then we watched a BTN clip about Freedom of Speech, then the secretary posted a post for the class to discuss their opinions.

      This worked really well and as the students have set up slideshows to document what they have learnt about the Government they can either add a link or even copy their comment into their presentation as well.


  2. August 21st, 2013 at 5:39 pm      Reply Christine Ash Says:

    Hello Vicki, I enjoyed your reflections on your blog. You have made some interesting observations. I would thnk that its a bit early to consider that blogging only encourages opinion sharing. I would expect that over time, the majority of students will find it easier to express their ideas more confidently and with greater vocabulary. I love that this is actually what you are finding.
    Its very early days as yet.
    Interesting that we would hope for better control over language from students when, in our eagerness to publish, we ourselves have lots of errors!
    Is it possible to put a link to your student’s blog here so that when I comment on your blog, I can also comment on the class blog. Jacqueline has one and that made it really easy for me to add a response to their opinions. Just a thought. Thanks!

    • September 4th, 2013 at 4:50 pm      Reply Miss Vicki Ash Says:

      Hi Christine,

      I think I may not have explained myself correctly or what I have said you may have misinterpreted as I don’t believe ‘blogging only encourages opinion sharing’. My point was the blogging is a great opportunity to share opinions and the blogging my students have done recently supports this.

      Today we discussed democracy and democratic principles, then we watched a BtN clip about Freedom of Speech and the secretary created a post for the class to comment on (or tried to but technology glitches meant it disappeared and I ended up redoing it with her and posting it from me). As you can see this did encourage students to comment (22 have commented out of 23 present) where as when we held a class meeting afterwards, only about ten children commented verbally. I asked them why and most of them said it was because someone else had already said it and some even commented that they didn’t speak up because someone else said it better than they could have.

      You can see their comments at

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