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Our Own Class Blog


This week we developed our own class blog and it has definitely been more successful than having a level blog in that the teacher has a lot more ownership over what goes on the blog but perhaps more importantly so do the students. So this time we got to chose a theme that suited our needs. The class agreed that the important things were that its visual but doesn’t overload you, that multiple posts were visible on the home page and that pages, catergories and tags were easy to find.


We chose a theme that allows a picture for each post – after all a picture tell a thousand words! This also allows two very important teaching points;

a) The use of other peoples images and copyright laws

b) How to chose an image that adds to the message of your post.

I’ve also learnt a lot more having my own class blog than I did having a teacher blog or a shared blog for multiple reasons. Having a shared blog was actually quite intimidating especially with various administrators with a range of ability. I didn’t feel confident to make my own posts, I didn’t feel comfortable taking risks and making the mistakes I needed to in order to learn best. I also didn’t feel like I had any ownership of it, I felt like I was being allowed to borrow someone else’s property.

When we did try something new we decided the blog needed a theme where multiple posts were visiable (so that your post didn’t dissapear as soon as a new one was posted), but this was changed by another group focusing of another outcome and so we (the students were very quick to comment on this being change) lost much of our connection to the blog. After that I didn’t really feel like we could change anything. To be honest I would have started our own blogs a lot sooner but for some reason I didn’t think we were allowed to.

Another reason having class blogs works better is that teachers do present similar topics in very different ways and it allows us to do that and allows us to include posts relevant to what we have been discussing. With four class groups trying to do that there was so much information being uploaded all the time that it was confusing for students. Now that they have had more exposure they are exploring a lot more and starting to look at the other class blogs which means we should end up getting a bit more feedback. The quadblogging should have done this but their were technical difficulties like not being able to comment from an ipad and if the other schools are busy that week, you just miss out.

I think having my own teaching and learning blog didn’t teach me as much about blogging as a class blog because the learning about blogging was secondary to what was written on the blog; the learning and teaching of the studnets and teacher.

Given all this, I think the next step would be to encourage students in the class to upload their own posts, which some of them are starting to work on and eventually for students to create their own blogs.

I’m also going to email the blog address to all my teacher friends at other schools and encourage them to visit our blog and leave us feedback.


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“Our Own Class Blog”

  1. August 21st, 2013 at 12:56 pm      Reply Mrs Rebecca Gage Says:

    Hi Vicki,

    It’s interesting that you’ve identified how having your own blog that you can control as a class teacher has made you feel OK with trying things and feeling it’s OK to make a mistake. How do you think some of your students might be feeling about having a class blog? Could it be the same as you? Will they need their own individual student blog to feel empowered to take those same risks? It might be worth keeping the answers to those questions in mind as you take the next steps forward.



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