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New Research Activity


Students are still working on the AuthorThink process for their Snapshot Writing pieces so we spent our time looking at other ways students could present work online. Our best idea was to combine PARTs with our science unit and ask students to prepare an ‘invitation’ for their team inviting the staff to the three course […]

Draft Timetable


Week 6 Learning Intention: use a picture prompt to write a descriptive text. Tasks: Powerful Paragraphs using a picture prompt (5 images across the level). Students select what picture they will use for the task. 1)Challenge-option of choosing a picture with a set task or working independently. 2)Independent– picture prompt with matching written task already set. 3)Support- […]

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Powerful Paragraph (using an image for inspiration)


Week 6 Learning Intention: use a picture prompt to write a descriptive text. This is the image I’ve chosen. I thought it might be interesting to see if students are more inspired by a moving/animated picture.     Image care of photobucket

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Updating the Student Blog to support our PARTs


During team discussions we realised if we wanted to publish student work we would need to dedicate a page to each activity and this meant we needed a theme that supported multiple page if not unlimited. We found a different style that we think supports the students better as more posts are visible at a […]

Creative Thinking


I had already identified that one of the problems with our question was going to be how to be show that ‘online publishing’ is what improved the student learning. Thankfully Rebecca Gage thought about it and came up with a solution. Which I guess just goes to prove the value of collaborative learning! So our first research activity is to […]

ARM Goals – Learning Intentions


The goal we’ve set in our community is to state our learning intentions before every math lesson and to start doing this for reading and writing lessons as well. It’s interesting that I was visiting a state school the other day and they state the learning intention and write it on the board before every […]

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